Tal Fitzpatrick is an artist, craftivist, feminist and community development worker based in Melbourne, Australia. Currently, Tal is completing a practice-led PhD at the Victorian College for the Arts, University of Melbourne, on the subject ‘Craftivism as DIY Citizenship: The Practice of Making Change’.


In march 2018 Tal released her first self-published book, ‘Craftivism: A Manifesto/Methodology’.  The handbook is available as a free PDF download here: Craftivism-Tal-Fitzpatrick

‘Craftivism: A Manifesto/Methodology’ is a handbook for craftivists, new and experienced, designed to help them think deeply about their practice. This handbook captures and communicates the key learnings from Tal’s practice-led PhD research on ‘Craftivism as DIY Citizenship: The Practice of Making Change’ in a way that is accessible and encouraging.

A hardcopy of the book is available for purchase for $20AUD from Blurb.com by following this link:

A Manifesto/Method…
By Tal Fitzpatrick
Photo book


By Tal Fitzpatrick

The handbook was publicly launched in March following Tal Fitzpatrick’s PhD exhibition 7-10th March 2018 at KINGS Artist-Run in Melbourne, Australia.

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