Hey everyone, I’ve got a new website up for my craftivism and textile art projects – check it out: www.talfitzpatrick.com 


Artist Bio:

Tal was born in Israel in 1988 and moved to the Gold Coast, Australia in 1996 where she went on to graduate from Griffith University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts with 1st class Honors majoring in Contemporary Arts and Studies in Arts and Creative Industries. Currently Tal is a PhD candidate with the Centre for Cultural Partnerships in the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) at the University of Melbourne.

Tal is a is textile artist who works in a style that involves combining the techniques of appliqué quilting, drawing and painting in order to create large scale figurative cloth wall-hangings. Her work looks to address issues of gender equality, social and environmental justice and often involves some aspects of social engagement, community participation or collaborations with non-profit organisations.

Tal is a published author and also has extensive experience working in the non-profit sector as a community development worker, adult educator and in community disaster resilience building.



For more information on Tal’s PhD research into ‘craftivism and the political moment’ please visit: www.praxialpractice.wordpress.com
To contact Tal please email: tal.fitzpatrick@gmail.com



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