current projects

An update on what I am currently doing with my life,
~ I have just started being mentored by Virginia Rigney, the curator of the Gold Coast City Art Gallery. It’s a really exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to a year of fast tracked learning about the gallery industry.

~ I am also about to start working on a collaborative project with a good friend of mine Erin Davis who has her own boutique cloths line, the project involves me designing fabrics for her to use in a new collection. Hopefully, I will be able to master the sewing machine myself in order to create wall hangings/quilts out of all the scrap material from the project.

~ My other big project is getting this site up and full of my artwork, I believe its going to take me a very, very long time to go through all of my previous work and get organised… but this site is now top priority!

~ other than all this I am still waitressing, maybe one day I will be able to support myself through my art and through my work as a cultural development worker/ gallery worker. Till then… how do you like your steak?


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