Keeping Busy

So, as always I have been keeping busy!

Below are photos from my “Make your Mark” visual art workshops and from the workshops I ran for SCISCO, with the help of visual artist and Indigenous Elder Aunty Joyce Summers.

There are also photos for the Surfers Paradise Festival “Digiquarium” project led by new media artist Jason Nelson, the photos are of the set up at Circle on Cavil at Surfers Paradise where the video artworks of myself and 5 other artists were being projected.

The images of the skateboards are from an exhibition held at the Surfers Paradise One Way festival on the 6 June, my board is now for sale at Reap N Sow the store also selling my paper cuts.

The photo with the orchestra is of the D’Alliance performance of “Phoenix the Wanderer” held at the Currumbin RLS on the 30 May. I made some of the costumes for this performance including the Space suits!

There is also 1 photo that is a sneak peek behind the scene shot from the first ever PAVO TAILS photoshoot… Images from the shoot will be up soon! We had our first appearance on the catwalk at One Way and next will be our show as a part of the PM Productions Fashion Design competition this friday night at a club called ELSEWHERE. My next post will be dedicated to my new passion – fashion – with news about whether we made it into the finals and photos of from the PAVO TAILS photo shoot and fashion shows. (*keep an eye out for me in them, I’ve been modeling for us)


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