In Style…

So Pavo Tails, ridding on the success of our win at the Runway Emerging designer competition, is in the September issue of STYLE MAGAZINE…

check it out on page 15:

Erin and I are going down to Sydney next week to buy a whole lot of fabric to print and make into our “Pavo Tails” range, we will soon be stocking Runway as well as Love from Lucy and In Annie’s Pocket and we hope to secure at least one store in Sydney to stock our range as well – so keep an eye out for updates on that…AND for our latest photo shoot…

Also I would like to congratulate Jet Black, one of the participants of my “make your mark – visual art workshops” earlier this year for taking the work we did and entering it into the annual Swell Sculpture festival.

This is a picture of her sculpture below:

It can be purchased for $48 here… Smalls Gallery

Keep an eye on this blog to see the work I am doing with the XTV crew of Crossing Divides ~ the not-for-profit organization that I am project managing…

We are in the process of making our own TV show and it is going to be FABULOUS!


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