New Positions

I have had the privilege of becoming involved in two really exciting opportunities over the past few months which I am stoked to share with you.

The first is that I have been supporting a charity called Igniting Change with their social media. Igniting Change is an astoundingly impactful charity that supports a range of causes that would otherwise go unfunded, or who actively choose to be independent of government funding. It has been a real privilege to work alongside Jane Tewson how is the founder and powerhouse behind this gem of an organisation. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the new year on building an authentic presence online.

The second is that I have been asked to come on as the coordinator of next years international New Materialism conference which is happening at VCA in September. I’m very excited to be involved with this conference as New Materialism is a theoretical area I am really interested in; plus I very much look up to the academic staff whom I will be working alongside on this project including Barbra Bolt and my supervisor James Oliver.


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