Get involved in my latest project “PM Please”

HillsceneLIVE Festival – Monbulk, 30 Oct 2015
Participatory Craftivism Project:

“PM Please”PM-PLS

With (another) new Prime Minister at the helm and a federal election no more than a year away its time we as citizens gather our thoughts and tell our political leaders what we want to see them achieve. But how to get the message across?

Through her project “PM Please” textile-artist and craftivist Tal Fitzpatrick has come up with a unique way to get our messages to the Prime Minister – by giving them as a gift!

Tal has created a cloth portrait of Malcolm Turnbull which she plans to make into a quilt and then mail to the Prime Ministers’ office. The border for this quilt, which will be pieced together using recycled ties, will be filled with hand-stitched messages to the Prime Minister. These messages will be collected at HillsceneLIVE where festivalgoer’s will have the opportunity to hand-stitch their messages to the Prime Minister as part of the festival. Additional messages will also be collected via social media in the lead up to the festival. Tal will stitch these messages onto the quilt herself and she’ll endeavour to include as many messages as physically possible in the finished work.

There are several ways to get involved with this project so please read below for further instructions. There is also a style guide to use when writing your message, please pay careful attention to it as only messages that meet this guide will be included in the finished work. All messages which meet the style guide will be included on the finished quilt, unedited and uncensored.


Ways to Participate:

There are several ways you can take part in this project,

  • You can come along to HillsceneLIVE and hand stitch your own message to the PM alongside other festivalgoer’s. Purchase your ticket at:!hillscenelive/cbzk or
  • You can send your message in a tweet using the hashtag #PMPLZ or send your message to us via the HillsceneLIVE facebook page and artist Tal Fitzpatrick will stitch the message onto the quilt for you.
  • You can also stitch your message onto a recycled tie at home and then mail it to the artist so that she can include it in the final work (please send Tal an email for more information on this option:


Style Guide:

All messages must begin with the words ‘PM please’, be no more than 140 characters long (the length of a tweet) and include the hashtag #PMPLZ and #hillsceneLIVE. If you are sending us your message via twitter feel free to also tag @TurnbullMalcolm in your tweet!

For Example:

  • PM Please end mandatory offshore detention #PMPLZ #HillsceneLIVE
  • PM Please improve mental health support services in rural Australia #PMPLZ #HillsceneLIVE
  • PM Please invest in the renewable energy sector #PMPLZ #HillsceneLIVE

Here are some different ways you might start your message:

  • PM please help…
  • PM please change…
  • PM please invest in…
  • PM please address…
  • PM please support…
  • PM please recognise…
  • PM please research…
  • PM please listen to…
  • PM please keep…
  • PM please fund…
  • PM please restore…
  • PM please acknowledge…
  • PM please reconsider
  • PM please save…

To make sure your message gets included in the quilt you will need to send your messages before the day of Hillscene LIVE (30 October 2015).


Project Outcomes:

After HillsceneLIVE you will be able to follow Tal’s progress in finishing the quilt, view images of the finished work and get updates on the quilt’s journey to the PM on her blog: 

Hopefully upon arrival at the PM’s office Malcolm Turnbull will receive this gift and read through all the messages so thoughtfully stitched onto the quilt (and hopefully find a bit of wall space in his office to hang it up on).



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  1. This is the most wonderful initiative I have laid eyes on all week.. PM, please hear our stitched cries!!! Tal, you are a national treasure ❤

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