Artist In Residence project with Igniting Change

This month I’m working on an exciting project with a Melbourne based charity called Igniting Change. The project involves making a quilt for the organisation that celebrates their unique approach to driving social change while in residence at their office.  

You can read all about the project on the Igniting Change Blog:

About Igniting Change: 

We are a purposely small organisation that’s passionate about sparking big, positive change with people doing it tough in our communities. We are moved by the humanity and courage of the people we are privileged to work with. We listen, we remain open-minded, we uncover what’s hidden from everyday eyes, we’re guided by the people who experience the issues, we connect unlikely experts to create new thinking and above all we strive to give a voice to people experiencing injustice and inequality. Solid governance and independent funding enable us to take risks when backing outstanding individuals and to make cutting-edge investments that have a real chance of catalysing social change. We call this ‘igniting change’ and we love what we do. – 



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