When people ask me what kind of artist I am, I always say that I am a painter.

Whether this is because it is easier to say so, or because of romance behind the concept of being a painter, I do not know. I do know however that I have a long journey ahead of me, as essentially I am a self taught painter and therefore I am constantly learning and my style is constantly evolving. My apologies for the low quality images, I have never taken my work in to be photographed properly.

This first painting is a self-portrait, inspired (quite obviously) by Van Gough, one of my all time favourite painters.

Some images from the “Cone Heads” series

A portrait of my acupuncturist, my first commission… acrylic on canvas

A portrait of my boyfriend Tim Day, taken from a photo… reality is stranger than fiction. Acrylic on canvas,

I paint animals a lot, acrylic on canvas

These three paintings are a mini series that incorporates my study of western vs. eastern notions of beauty. Acrylic and korean paper on card, 

“waiting for spring” Acrylic and varnish on a skateboard,

Gold fish, acrylic and ink on canvas board

A portrait of my dear friend Simone, acrylic on canvas board

A portrait of of Stu, a dear friend who tragically lost his life last year, acrylic paint and oil pastels on canvas board.

In this paintings I hand stitched all the lines, I find embroidery as inspirational art form too often dismissed as craft, embroidery and spray paint on canvas

A tribute to one of my favourite books…

This is a self portrait of a younger self, acrylic paint on a wooden box

These two etchings are a part of the same series.


4 responses to “Paintings

  1. yedida bernstein goren

    i am totally pleasantly gifted to know such a wonderful artist….have enjoyed thoroughly looking at these paintings, you surely have come far, girl! id like to commission you to do a painting with two grizzly bears in it (they represent me and avner) and i will pay you when you get here! how about it?any ideas…..shall i send you any hints…

  2. Love the multi coloured face with the embroidery…
    …now who would have thought that?!

    and the second tree, spreading outwards vewwwy nice!

    oh and some of the animlas on the other page! hehe!

  3. anonymous

    You are thoroughly and utterly inspiring.

    Thank you

  4. Your art is very hip and stylish. I especially like the box, it really causes the viewer to look around it.

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