I love the traditional chinese/Japanese art of paper cutting, somehow it reminds me of making paper decorations for the Jewish holidays I celebrated when I was young with my family. There is something absolutely striking about the composition and contrast of a paper-cut. The detail that can be achieved through this process always amazes me as does the complexity of the making process by which I am truly captivated. I have only recently started making my own paper cuts and my biggest inspiration in this artform is Bovey Lee, and Tomoko Shioyashu.

I hope you enjoy these works as much as I enjoyed making them, and if you want one they are now on sale at Reap N Sow in Burleigh Heads, QLD.

“Perched”,  Paper Cutting, A4

“Airship”, Paper Cutting, A2, Sold

“White Owl” Paper Cutting, A4,

“Bear In Mind”, Paper cutting, A4, SOLD



A paper cut self portrait,

I made this paper cut for my Honors supervisor, Professor Paul Tacon – a rock-art researcher specializing in Indigenous Australian rock-art. It is a mix between a Rainbow serpent and a Chinese dragon, a somewhat contentious hybrid, appropriated from two different cultures that influence my work greatly…

My ode to Deleuze and Guattari, “The wasp and the orchid”

“Earth is heaven”, why would you waist your time here worrying about what comes after death?

My very first paper cut, an earlier version of the Rainbow serpent/Chinese dragon. Done following a 19Karen workshop facilitated by an Australian artist Fleur Harris, who makes her cuttings using laser cutting techniques.

This little Sea Lion was going to be a papercut, I drew her up but was so cute I just couldn’t bring my blade down upon her. Instead I cut out images from an old children’s book and made her a home.


5 responses to “Papercutting

  1. these are great Tal,
    I can see a lot of them on T shirts, pillows and sheets and doonas and even caps!

  2. Leah

    I love these Tal! I like the owl one in particular, it would look great framed and on the wall.

  3. Tal – I just found this post – so awesome to see what you went on to do!! Congrats, they are beautiful!! Fleur xx

  4. I uploaded Kulcha Gallery exhibition on youtube. I am sure you will like it. I am not good in video making but sure you will like work.

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